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The main body of The Qin Empire's creative culture is the Spring and Autumn period , which is the brightest page in the history of Chinese civilization.The hundreds of schools of thought, disputes among the seven kingdoms, the great Chinese civilization has been sublimated to this great era. The most magnificent scene in the long river of history is like the brightest pearl in the universe. It can be said that this is the origin of culture and the foundation of game culture.

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The developers describe the content like this:After three years of hard research and development, and more than a year of continuous optimization and adjustment. No matter you like to strategize,gain a decisive victory a thousand miles away, become a wise man like Marquis Wu; or you like to lead thousands of troops, charge with blood, and become a general who kills gods. You can find this feeling in the game, and the right to speak in the war is up to you.We hope that this is a competitive game that can compete for wisdom on the battlefield. Feel the culture passed down for thousands of years, and compose wonderful battles; join your allies on the road to world domination, and conduct real war simulations. We hope to bring endless refreshing gaming experience to Microsoft's global players!The Qin Empire, is an SLG real-time war strategy game adapted from the official authorization of the historical masterpiece Great Qin Empire. Officially logged in the Microsoft Store, and exclusively distributed by Miracle Games. Take you back to the world of great contention in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States, and visit the real ancient battlefield in person. Struggle is the spirit of the times in the Warring States period, and everyone with blood has a heart for struggle. Players choose one of the seven countries of Qin, Chu, Qi, Wei, Han, Zhao, and Yan as their birth territory, lead the heroes to fight for hegemony in troubled times, build the main city to expand the territory, and strive to rule and unify the world.Welcome to the brightest legendary era in the history of Chinese civilizationThe Warring States Period was an era of great change in Chinese history. From the disputes between the major lords to the establishment of the empire, it created a prosperous era of Chinese civilization. In this era, there are not only the amazing feats of small people, but also the game of life and death between countries. For fans of Chinese history, this is a legendary era of magnificent waves and free struggle for hegemony.The Qin Empire takes the Warring States Period of China as the background, and also creates a real historical picture in the game mainland.BRILLIANT CULTURE MORE STRATEGY DEPTHUsing the game as the carrier, it restores the historical map of the distribution of major lord forces during the Warring States Period in China. From the plot to the gameplay design, it firmly uses the real history as the textual research to enhance the immersion of the game experience in all aspects. At the same time, it allows players to truly feel the strategic depth of planning and action, and creates an interactive historical world for strategy lovers.GRAND BATTLEFIELD REAL WAR SIMULATION GAMEThe Qin Empire, is a SLG online game that deeply integrates RTS elements. This game adopts a fast-paced real-time strategy mode, and the arms are micro-operated in real-time battles. In the fierce territorial competition, you will recruit and cultivate famous generals and celebrities, train real arms of various countries, arrange troops according to the terrain, control the troops in real time, launch various forms of tactical battles such as Blitzkrieg, positional warfare, ambush warfare, and siege warfare, and achieve your dominant position. ★Large map, truly restore the battlefield, the region and city are clear at a glance, and only by mastering the information can you win with one blow.★Real-time, real-time war, more direct grasp of the situation.★Appointment system, each perform their duties, true to historical facts, personnel and strategy in one.On the same sand table map, full-service players engage in strategic confrontation and fierce hegemony, leading infantry, archers, cavalry, chariots, and other arms to conduct diversified wars such as field, regimental, urban, and national battles. The battlefield situation is treacherous, with hundreds of thousands of heroic soldiers and magnificent special effects, reproducing the cinematic ancient war scene of "The Great Qin Empire. Fission". All players' behaviors such as city construction, wild fighting against monsters, and marching battles are displayed in the same territory, achieving a true world of ten thousand people fighting for hegemony, combining vertical and horizontal forces, and seizing cities and territories!HIGH FREEDOM TRUE REAL-TIME BATTLES BETWEEN PLAYERSThe game is based on the map of the Warring States Period, presenting a free sandbox battlefield for players. In a world of war, lord players around the world, in a few months, allow players to experience the ever-changing and passionate ancient battlefield. In addition to obeying basic rules such as marching and winning or losing, players have a high degree of freedom in all behaviors in the game. Whether it is a landlord, a general, a spy, or a strategist is all up to the player to decide. Every decision made by the player will affect this real-time synchronized world, producing chain changes like the butterfly effect. All cities on the map can be attacked, and all player forces can form clan alliances or declare war with lords. Players from all over the world interact freely and fight fairly, recreating the grand scene of a joint siege of millions of legions!GENUINE AUTHORIZATION HEROES CHASE DEERSThe original edition of the epic novel "The Empire of the Qin Dynasty" is authorized, based on the original work and historical facts, to comprehensively restore the historical features of the Spring and Autumn Period. More than 20 types of siege equipment, more than 30 types of various types of arms, and more than 200 historical characters will be staged in the second place.The game comprehensively restores the grand map of the separatist regimes of various feudal lords such as the Spring and Autumn Period, bringing together the historical facts of the Spring and Autumn Period, including a large number of powerful generals, counselors, heroes, and beauties: the god of killing Bai Qi, the soldier saint Sun Wu, the Wolong Zhuge, the flying general Lv Bu, the martial saint Guan Yu, the heavenly Duke Zhang Jiao, the closed moon Diao Chan... celebrities gather together, and the heroes compete for the deer.______________________________________[End Game Quality]The Microsoft App Store version is optimized for PC configurations at various levels, which can maximize hardware strength, overall operation stability, mouse smoothness acceleration, image frame rate, etc., and comprehensively improve the operating experience, bringing stunning image effects.[Cross End Co Service]You can download the Microsoft App Store version installation package and the Android version installation package from the Miracle Games official website to support cross terminal account interworking between computers and Android phones; At the same time, the Microsoft App Store version of the game and the Android and iOS versions of the game are all on the same platform and on the same server. The latest version is updated synchronously. PC players and mobile players will be online on the same screen, and the entire server will be in a fierce battle![Language Support]English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai______________________________________Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwpCustomer Service Email: Support@mguwp.comMG Global Customer Help & Support Center:https://support.mguwp.com/Tips: The installation package is only 778MB. Come and Download the game!

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